About Us

Tech Power Services is a renewable energy utility company based in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), that provides clean energy in a easily, scalable, affordable and reliable way to underserved community living outside of the national grid coverage via smart micro grid. Our approach aims to address the energy access problems faced by rural communities in DRC by ensuring a most cost effective energy solution that promotes climate adaptation, growth and economic development, while making a tangible social and economic impact in the rural communities we operate.

Why we operate

With a land surface of 2.345.441 Km2 and an estimated population of about 80 million inhabitants, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the largest country and fourth most populous country in sub Saharan Africa. Currently, approximately 90 percent of Congolese lack access to electricity. DRC’s national generation capacity is lower than the power demand. As a result, only grid connected households have access to intermittent electricity. In rural areas, only less than 1 percent of citizens have access to the national grid. For those who have an electricity connection, the supply is unreliable. Within the near future, communities in rural areas are unlikely to have national grid-connected power. The presence of many rivers across DRC and the location of DRC in proximity of Equator offers the huge potential in renewable energy generation. This creates an opportunity for us as a social enterprise to develop decentralized renewable energy based smart microgrid to fulfill these empty humanitarian gaps that still exist by providing sustainable, affordable and reliable clean energy services to off-grid rural populations.

What we do

Tech Power Services uses renewable energy (solar energy and hydropower, depending of the availability of the resource) to electrify underserved communities with development opportunities, but who are ignored by national electricity planners. This way, we optimally select sites where microgrids are the most competitive option, based on distance from the national grid and potential load size. As an energy service provider, we focus on customers benefit. Our strategy aims to end energy inequality and to empower communities with access to clean energy, unlocking the potential for community prosperity, local business growth and productivity.

Our Technology

The service is based on a well sized decentralized solar generation plant that provides clean, affordable and reliable energy to our customers (households, schools, healthcare centers and businesses) via a smart microgrid. The key feature of the system is a low cost smart energy meter that powers the household with a pay per use approach allowing people from all levels of society to get electricity, not just the wealthiest. Each customers tops up his energy account by buying credit. Customers can pre-pay for affordable energy services in daily, weekly or monthly packages by using a cell phone via mobile money. The mobile money transaction updates a computer server, which communicates with the meter through the system’s General Packet Radio Service Connection. These smart meters allow the real time control and monitor of the grid by our grid management operators via an internet of things cloud platform.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of innovation in the rural energy sector by contributing to the achievement of the SDG-7 Sustainable energy for all by 2030 in DRC, a country in which around 72 million people still lack access to electricity. Our target in medium term is by 2025 to connect over 1 million of rural Congolese population to clean electricity while improving their lives and livelihoods.

Our Impact

We harness the transformative power of access to clean energy together with innovative application of technologies to use that energy to impact positively lives of people in rural areas. Here are tangible impacts our microgrid projects thrive to achieve in communities we operate

Unlock the local economy potential

Tech Power’s affordable electricity brings positive impacts on the local economy. It can provide household savings on a macro level, as well as stimulating further socio-economic opportunities on a larger scale, allowing new and existing businesses to expand and flourish. A charged mobile phone enables communication, Shop lighting extends opening hours and results in increased wages. Having electricity at home creates new streams of revenue and indirectly jobs, not to mention the training and employment opportunities that Tech Power offers to the local population.

Empower rural communities

The electricity connection in a new house creates multiple positive impacts on the life of the whole family. Lighting extends productive hours for everyone in a family, including children, who can undertake more study at home in the evening. No longer burning kerosene for lighting drastically reduces respiratory infections from indoor air pollution, child poisoning, and fire danger). Street lights improve safety, particularly for women and girls

Mitigate the climate change

Customers’ direct natural environment will benefit from the use of clean energy. Our energy services avoid new greenhouse gas emissions from expanded energy access and reduce dramatically climate warming emissions, as they eliminate previously used fossil fuels, burnt in lamps or diesel generators.

Projects Portfolio

Tech Power Services launched in 2018 the project “Clean and Sustainable Decentralized Energy Services for Rural DRC’’ a rural electrification scheme designed to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to rural communities not connected to the national electricity grid. The project plans to construct 100 decentralized renewable energy smart microgrid, each with an installed capacity of between 20KW to 500KW depending on the size of the community, in different villages across 5 provinces in the eastern and central part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The portfolio will result in about 50,000 new electrical connections and will bring clean, affordable electricity to 250,000 people. We have completed the feasibility study of a 50KWp PV pilot project located in the village of Masisi, a countryside located in the province of Nord Kivu. The implementation and commercial operation of this pilot project is expected to begin at the end of 2020. In order to support our growth in DRC, we're currently seeking sponsorship partners and investment from one or more investors who want to create positive social and environmental impact while earning attractive returns. Please Contact us to learn more.

Our Partners

Tech Power Services has strengthened its crucial collaborations with many critical players in the energy sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, including the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources, the National Energy Commission (CNE), the The Electricity Sector Regulatory Authority (ARE), the Agency for National Electrification and Rural and Peri-Urban Energy Services (ANSER) and rural communities.
We have also maintained partnerships with international institutions such as:

Our Story

Tech Power Services was set up with the support of Mara Foundation in the Mara Launchpad Incubator (Kampala) in 2014 by a young congolese social impact leader Joseph LOHOSE, while student in Information and Technology at Sikkim Manipal University. The company started his operation in Uganda as an electrical service provider which offer top class electrical services and installation standard. Having been touched by his own experience of growing up in a rural area in the Eastern part of DRC, Joseph LOHOSE (Founder and CEO) were continually haunted by the desire to contribute actively to the development of the rural energy sector of his home country (DRC).

“A prominate image of my childhood is darkness and flickering light because
we had no electricity and I depended on Kerosene lamp to do my homework at night.”
says Joseph LOHOSE

In 2018, after earning a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration from the Finnish Institute for enterprise management, he left his comfortable position of electricity provider in Uganda and returned to DRC to become a green microgrid developer with the aim to help improve energy access for millions of Congolese.

“We all have different motivations for making a move to the emerging off grid energy sector, but for me, it is based on personal experiences as well a desire to impact on the quality of life of Congolese.”
says Joseph LOHOSE

Tech Power Services started formally operating in Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018 and finally got incorporated in 2020, as a renewable energy utility company that provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to low income people not connected to the national grid throughout DRC. Currently, the activities are limited in a district of Masisi, a countryside located in the province of North Kivu –DRC where rural communities living here have been faced to extreme energy problems and marginalized, for economic, and social reasons.


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